Registering A Team

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Sign in/Register.  

Please note, if you sign up with facebook you may encounter a bug where the system says you do not have a verified email address.  If this happens, go into your profile on the AHGL website and enter in your email address.  This will generate a confirmation email for you, after which you should be able to use the site normally. You should also take this opportunity to make sure to set and as safe/allowed senders with your email provider.

To begin click on the giant “Start A Team” button

This will take you directly to the Team Creation page

Here, you need to select which Tournament you are creating a team for (StarCraft II or League of Legends), specify your company name, and specify either your SC2 Character name or your LoL Summoner name, as appropriate, and click on “Start Registration”.  If your company has multiple teans, your team name should be in the format of [Company Name] [Some Differentiator].  Make sure that the differentiator is not derogatory in any way towards your or other companies as this is your public face!

From here you can complete the rest of your team registration.  All fields are mandatory, before you can submit your team for approval.  Dont worry, you dont have to fill this all out at once.  You can complete it bit-by-bit throughout registration, and just submit when you’re ready.  You can get back to this screen from your “Team Admin” link, which will show you all of your teams


Just choose your team to resume editing.


You will need to specify your Team Motto, provide a Team Picture, Submit your Company Brand Permission, Select a Charity, Submit your Charity Permission, and add at least 8 players to your team before you can Submit for Approval.

You should also make sure to complete your own profile, and your teammates should complete theirs as well.

For more information on Company and Charity Permissions, please see our other tutorials.